Collaborative meeting with Murcian Public Health Service

NutriPro participated in a collaborative meeting with Murcian (Spanish region) Public Health Service and private companies to see how innovate in management of chronic diseases las 24th and 25th of May, 2016.

In that workshop NUTRIPRO was presented and project results were expose in the identified areas for improvement: nutrition, care coordination and lifestyles.

In the workshop participated public authorities of the Murcian Public Health Service, policy makers and service providers form private companies.

Collaborative meeting in Madrid

In order to look for synergies and sustainable paths for the project, last 20th of May NutriPro held a collaborative meeting in Madrid with San Juan de Dios Foundation, elderly home care centres group in Spain. NUTRIPRO results, mainly NUTRIPRO App was presented and possible synergies and collaboration was explore in order to be introduce in their residences in Spain.

Participation in the EIT Health Campus

Last May (11st-13th of May) took placed the EIT Health Campus on Eindhoven (Germany), pointing people interested in teaching graduate classes to make a selection for master best contents.

at this ocassion NutriPro had the opportunity to present NUTRIPRO and to emphasize the importance of nutrition and education in this area for adequate prevention, proposing subjects about EIT and nutrition.

EIT Health